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Life is an awfully big adventure …

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A little about the Alise of Alise Kowalski Photography, Knoxville Modern Portrait Photographer.Image: headshot of photographer Alise Kowalski

I believe every woman deserves the opportunity to see how beautiful she really is. I believe recognizing your own beauty and appreciating it is incredibly empowering and good for the soul. I love watching women transform into confident, radiant women in front of my lens and watching them behold and embrace their own beauty when presented with the images I create.  I believe in existing in images for myself, my children and my family. I encourage women of all ages and stages of life to exist in images for and with the ones she loves. I’ve never met a single person who regretted having too many pictures with those dearest to her.

I believe in kindness and gratitude. I believe photographs are powerful: they can stir a memory, connect you to your past, make you feel something, move you to tears. Images speak to me and hold the stories we might forget after enough time has passed. When your memories start to wane and you’ve forgotten how much you resemble your mother or how truly beautiful you are or how much your daughter wanted to be exactly like you or how proud your son was of his missing two front teeth or how your whole family would hold spontaneous dance parties in your kitchen because it made everyone giggle, you can leaf through your signature photo album and find those lost stories beautifully told.

I am a storyteller and together with my clients, we craft how your story will be told. Each story is unique and I love working with my clients to tell the story of who they are, capture personalities, genuine expressions and real connections. I create style boards for my clients, provide full styling services and even shop with them to ensure everyone looks and feels their very best. I help clients prepare for their sessions in the weeks before so that on the day of the session, she knows exactly what to expect and turns everything over to me so she can simply enjoy the time with the ones she loves, all the while making sure she feels just as beautiful as she looks. My clients enjoy exceptional quality from the initial phone consultation to the delivery of beautiful, fine art print and press products.

As a very dear client, Jill, said: “Alise created style boards for me to help put together outfits for my whole family and even went shopping with me to find an outfit that I would feel really fabulous in.  She was so easy to talk to and really helped me to envision the whole session beforehand so I felt more relaxed going into it. I typically don’t love pictures of myself and Alise promised me that if I just relaxed and followed her instructions, it would change my mind about how I thought of myself in pictures. I am so happy with how the images turned out. I love our family and I love how Alise captured each of my children and the unique relationships within our family. She really did capture our story, our right now.  Alise encouraged me to see our images as art and display them in our home as such. I love looking around the spaces we use everyday and seeing beautiful images of the people I love the very most.”

Photographs are so meaningful to me and I am inspired, moved, comforted, reminded and honored by the stories they tell.

The Nitty-Gritty

I am married to my best friend and I think he is the bee’s knees. I am the mother of two darling boys who I refer to “little nuggets” and I love them with the intensity of 1,000 burning suns. I love traveling, exploring this beautiful earth and documenting our little family adventures along the way. I am an avid reader, DIY’er, crafty crafter and writer. I love fashion and styling, antiquing and online shopping (one-click buying?!?! Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!). I love the smell of the ocean and pine forests. My favorite season is fall and I am not cut out for the cold. I’m an east coast girl at heart and am happy to be back in the eastern time zone again.

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