Life on the farm | family life&style

I love photographing families in their home; the place where they live and love, where little people grow into big people, where patience, character and energy is tested, the place where we feel safest, where we explore and we learn that these people we share this space with are so very much a part of who we are and who we will become. What happens in this space is the stuff that makes life so wonderfully vibrant and worthwhile. It isn’t a constant hit parade of joy and bliss but it is real and real life is worth documenting.

I was honored and delighted to spend time with the ever charming, creative, hysterical and beautiful Kenny family on their little slice of heaven in west Knoxville. Theirs is a home where kindness, creativity, individuality, generosity, intelligence, patience, responsibility, warmth, exploration, innovation, gratitude, forgiveness and trust are nurtured and celebrated. Theirs is also a home where dogs nap within sniffing distance of their humans, parakeets chirp, horses graze, donkeys investigate everyone with a distinct look suspicion and laying hens lay the most beautiful assortment of pastel colored eggs. Life on this little farm is good and the people living that life are remarkable.


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