image: beautiful backlit family portrait by Alise Kowalski, Modern Portrait photographer

Family Life&Style

Family Life&Style sessions are custom sessions designed to capture the the love, the connections, the quirks and traits that mark this stage in life, the joy, the silliness, the little things that mean so much right now but might be forgotten a year from now for families in a style all their own.

Just as no two families are the same, no two Life&Style sessions are the same. Each session is designed to reflect what is important to the family in a style that reflects who they are, right there in that space and time. I love getting to know my clients! The more you share about you and your family, the better suited I am to truly and honestly capture your family.  During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss what you want from your photo session, your personal style, what you love about your family and the tiny details that only you would know about your family. I ask all of the questions beforehand to: 1) ensure I capture the essence of your family in a way that is true to who you are as a family; 2) ensure we are all on the same page with what we expect of each other; and 2) so when the day of the session rolls around, you can have fun and focus on your and your family while I take care of the rest.Prior to your session we will schedule a style consultation where we will discuss styling and what to wear. This typically takes place in your home. During your pre-session style consultation, I will provide you with some styling tips and give you the tools you need to pull together a great look for your whole family. That might mean we go shopping together or based on the style boards I’ve created for you, you pull items from your own closets or you pull from my collection of custom skirts, dresses and accessories. We’ll talk hair and makeup, shoes, jewelry. I provide hair and makeup tips to ensure you a polished look and let your natural beautiful radiance shine for your photo shoot. Upon request, a bundled hair and makeup service may also be added to your session.

Finally, the actual photo shoot rolls around and since you’ve already equipped me with so many details about your family, we’ll get straight to the fun stuff. I often provide props, backdrops or activities based on the location and the theme of your family session. You’ve worked so hard preparing for this day and it shows. Big time! Now, this is your opportunity to focus completely on your family and enjoy playing, sharing secrets, being silly, dancing, throwing a football, plotting when and where to build a giant pillow fort, marveling at the little people before you and soak in every single moment. Those are the moments that make life so sweet and you want to hold onto forever.


Life&Style photo sessions include pre-session style consultation, on-location photo shoot with AKP and digital image files. Life&Style photo sessions are $750 including a $150 non-refundable session deposit.

Additional collections, including combinations of digital image files, prints, fine art albums, custom mobile apps,  and video, may be added to the Life&Style package. Most clients spend $1150-$2500.

To book your Family Life&Style session contact Alise directly 913.424.8594 or Contact me.