Modern Beauty Portraits

image: collage of Modern Beauty portraits by Alise Kowalski

 Modern Beauty  photography

The Modern Beauty session by Alise Kowalski Photography gives women the opportunity to see themselves beautiful. It’s a contemporary take on the popular glamour photography you may remember from the 80s and 90s, minus the collar pops, soft focus and feather boas. Modern Beauty sessions are designed to showcase a women’s natural beauty, letting her true beauty and confidence shine as brightly as she does. I believe every woman deserves to witness her own beauty and photography is an incredibly powerful tool to beautifully capture what many of us just can’t see when we look in the mirror.

See yourself beautiful

Modern Beauty sessions give you the opportunity to see yourself in a way that you may not see yourself regularly, or maybe in a way you’ve never seen yourself before. And because we women tend to be hardest on ourselves and push our own needs, wants, desires to the very bottom of the list, it is easy to forget what it feels like for anything to be all about us.

This experience is all about you. It’s about pampering, relaxing, feeling confident, beautiful and special and maybe a little indulged. And those feelings, paired with witnessing, perhaps for the first time or perhaps for the first time in a really long, long time, your own beauty is incredibly empowering, invigorating and soul replenishing.

Modern Beauty sessions are perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, marking milestones, graduation, marriage, celebrating friendship and family relationships and celebrating yourself. Please visit the Modern Beauty gallery and the Modern Beauty Magazine to see how a Modern Beauty session works.


Modern Beauty sessions include professional hair and makeup, style consultation and photo shoot for two. Modern Beauty sessions are $250.

Collections, including digital image files and prints start at $850. Wall portraits may also be purchased a la carte and start at $275.

To book your Modern Beauty session contact Alise directly 913.424.8594 or Contact me.

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